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Sa mga Salita


I am sharing the poem below to fellow bloggers, especially to those who strongly believe that they have stories to tell and have a special way of telling them, before an audience as large as the world.


image of harry potter casting a spell

Nais nating magbahagi at mangmangha sa ating mga sulatin/ scarydoesntscareme.


Casting a Spell

Learn a spell. It takes some time

First you must have the gift of rhyme, 

New images, a melody. 

Verse will do but poetry

Sometimes will come if you have luck.

Play tunes, blow trumpets, learn to pluck

The harp. The best of spells are cast

When you have written words to last,

Rich in subtle rhythms and

Right words which most will understand.

Casting a spell’s a secret skill

Which few learn fast. No act of will

On your part hands the gift to you.

Words must surprise yet ring true.

False sorcerers are everywhere

But the true magic’s deep and rare.

- Elizabeth Jennings
from the book, A Spell of Words
Macmillan, 1998

Inaanyayahan ko po ang mga kasamahang bloggers na isalin ang tula sa wikang Pilipino bilang munti nating ambag sa pagpapayabong ng wikang sariling atin ngayong Buwan ng Wika. Wala pong pabuya. Subukan lang po natin. Salamat sa inyo. 🙂