Kapansin-pansin –

Ang iksi ng sinabi mo; ang haba ng paliwanag ko.

image of a person writing message on the wall, borrowed from t2.gstatic.com

Halatang nangangaral pag mahaba ang mensahe/ globalvoicesonline.org

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  1. Posted by sphere on Abril 27, 2011 at 2:56 umaga

    k. 🙂

    bibeys lng wala akong sinabi xD


  2. po?





  3. hmmmkeitnxbye!


    • haha! hope your holy week was er, holy? 🙂


      • Posted by kaye on Abril 28, 2011 at 5:55 umaga

        no. far from it. I was looking forward to a visita iglesia on maundy thursday with bong, ate kara and my in laws. But my two yayas chose the day before to declare world war against each other so bong and I ended as referees. really! you’d think that at their age, they’d already have at least a vague idea of the word maturity. And then there’s the business of tidying up the house.we haven’t gotten everything settled in yet. 😦

      • so ’twas noisy and busy and far from holy? at least, it sounds interesting… 🙂 mahirap magligpit? :s

      • sinabi mo pa! it’s a work in progress. The house, is. 🙂

      • oks rin siguro, on one hand. si–sexy ka sa pagliligpit, haha! 🙂

  4. wahhh guilty ako dyan. hahahah


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